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Android Flashing Software (APK) Free Download

September 13, 2023 0
Get the most recent version of the Android Flash Tool here. To "flash" an Android device is to update its firmware files and operating system. Although flashing boxes are routinely used for flashing Android phones and updating their firmware, most Android users cannot access this tool. Learn the ins and outs of flashing an Android device to make it run like new.

Most users do not know how to use flash boxes, despite having everything they need to install the certified firmware files. We have found that the only viable choice is the Android Flash tool, which even non-technical users like ourselves can master quickly.

Android Flashing Software


  • Simply click a button to flash your gadgets.
  • Compatibility with various Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S21, S20, S10, S9, S8, and others.
  • Other system problems, such as a dark screen or a frozen program, can also be resolved.
  • Advantages: Easily assist you in flashing your Android device.
  • Be simple to navigate.
  • As well as Windows, most Samsung devices are supported.
  • Inadverse features include: * You can't flash your phone before purchasing a registration code.
  • You may get hold of a top-notch Android flashing tool down below.

How to Use Android Flashing Software:

You don't require any specialist training to use the Android Flash tool. Simply save this utility on your PC by downloading it from our website. Your machine must be running Windows to proceed. 
This utility is fully compatible with all Windows versions, so you won't have to worry about incompatibilities.

Ensure USB debugging is turned on for your device and install this program on your PC. Lastly, ensure you have a data backup if something happens to your phone or computer throughout the procedure. Put that copy on an SD card in case you lose the original. You can also read Android Multi tools, MTK Tools, Android Fastboot tool

Now that you have connected your phone to the device, you will receive confirmation that your phone has been recognized. Basic information about your phone, including its software and hardware, will be shown.

Now choose your cell brand from the several that are accessible; this tool will flash any mobile phone, regardless of brand. There was a compatibility problem with some older Chinese mobile phones since they were using an outdated version of Android.

Tap the Flash button if you want to flash your phone; it will restart multiple times; Be patient while it does this. You may also unlock your phone with the Android Flash utility. You may unlock your phone's SIM card without losing any information.

If you've forgotten your phone's pattern lock, this app will let you unlock it so you can use it again—without eating up your data plan. Mobile and smartphone models from Huawei, ASUS, HTC, SONY, VIDEOCON, and other manufacturers are all rootable.

This program's ability to factory reset your phone is another crucial function. This app belongs in the Android user's arsenal of essentials. This is the go-to destination for buying any mobile phone brand. This Android Flash Tool lets you fully utilize your phone, including changing the IMEI. This is a great feature because it gives me a wealth of data on my phone.

Click the download option at the bottom of this page, and install it on your computer if you frequently get difficulties and errors on your phone.
Download       Flash Tool

Friday, 1 September 2023

AB Liker APK Latest V2.4 Free Download

September 01, 2023 0
APK for AB Liker: You are again cordially invited to stop by our site to search for Auto Liker Apps and games. We're happy to announce the release of AB Liker (AB Auto Liker), yet another Liker app for Android smartphones. Numerous enhancements have been made to this app, which works flawlessly on Android gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.

Start receiving likes, auto comments, page likes, and profile followers without any spam right now, even on your Android smartphone. In reality, you can get a wealth of information on all these topics and more by visiting this highly visited website.

Our readers are interested in a tool that may help them significantly expand the reach of their shared content. However, a big shout out to the creators of for providing a place for you to automatically like each other's posts.

What is AB Liker APK?

With the AB liker app, you can get infinite likes on your social media pictures, videos, posts, status updates, and comments from any Android device. Likes on Facebook sites, groups, articles, and videos may be gained similarly.

With the help of a fantastic service known as AB Automatic Liker or Auto Follower, getting likes on your Facebook status and photographs is now a breeze. You may thank Facebook auto liker programs for the hundreds of likes and comments you see on certain people's posts.

Get more Facebook likes for your photos, videos, and status updates by downloading the free AB liker APK. The software helps get more attention for your Facebook and Instagram updates. The software is simple and comes at no cost.

It's a straightforward strategy for attracting Facebook fans. Excellent APK program that helps you obtain more genuine likes on your social media postings. AB liker is the best auto-linking app for Android devices that doubles as a Facebook picture Liker.

Features of AB Liker App:

First, you'll want a token produced automatically and unique to each Facebook user. Keep this secret and only write it down when it's necessary.

  • First, you'll need to click it to create a new token.
  • You must view the whole video they provide to get the token.
  • You had to view another film to get your token at Stage 2.
  • This token will get you entry.
  • Only one way existed to log in and submit your token.
  • You may discover it by scrolling down to the login button at the very end.

It serves several functions, including providing auto likes with AB Liker APK to all Android users, and is safe and straightforward to use for any Facebook user.

Therefore, many potentials exist for immediately using all of its intelligent resources. To access the download button at the bottom of this page and follow the provided link.

How To Use AB Liker?

This program's operation is straightforward and basic. If this is your first time using AbLiker, read on to learn everything there is to know about the course.

  • To begin using this program, download its APK from this website.
  • Get it from Google Play and install it on your smartphone or tablet.
  • You'll see a new button labeled "Signup with Facebook" the next time you launch the app. Simply enter your Facebook credentials and click the button.
  • Once you're signed in, you'll have access to a wealth of valuable features. Choose one of the available tools to publish your Facebook post and get likes, comments, follow responses, and requests.
  • Now, please wait 1 minute after submitting a post. The total number of likes for your Facebook post will now automatically update.


Using AB Liker, your Facebook shares will get more likes and comments. The app will never offer a spammy account or fake likes. It has been thoroughly examined, so spend no time and get the app from the URL provided.

UFSX Support Setup Latest Version Free Download

September 01, 2023 0
The UfS box flash box is widely considered to be among the best of its kind. This box's reputation in the world of flashing Android smartphones is on display. This excellent app lets you update your phone with manufacturer-supplied or custom-built firmware. Click the link below to get the UfS box setup file, save the file to your computer, and then begin flashing your phone.

Multiple smartphone manufacturers and Android releases are compatible with this UFS flashing machine. You may get the newest, most advanced model of flashing phone with the touch of a finger. The UFS box requires a USB driver to be installed before it can flash an Android device.

The USB driver download link has been included for your convenience; without it, your mobile device may be unable to connect with the flashing box.

What is UFSX Support Suite?

The USF lighting box may be used to flash various mobile phones. You may make adjustments in several ways after hooking up either device to a desktop or a portable computer. You have found the appropriate place if you need the most recent version of the UFSx support suite's installation instructions.

This website is all about the hwk support package setup latest version is free to download. However, a UFS panel installation was necessary for all Saras boxes, and this was easily accessed from the product website itself.

Now that the final version has been released, it's available to everyone for free. This release is compatible with today's operating systems for your various issues. One last item

UFSX Setup

The UFSx Support Suite: How to Set it Up.

Simply avoid starting the UFS from the HWK's control panel until you are ready to use the HWK with UFSX. To update to the latest version of the UFSx support suite, you must first remove any earlier versions that may already be installed.

Simply click the "Hardware Options" icon in the Control Panel to launch the application. Since the UFS box is the primary flasher in this setup, you must assemble all components and set them up by hand.

It is crucial to maintain functioning UFSX and HWK drivers. The UFS support site is available anytime for further information and assistance. Problems with the UFSX Support Suite installation from our website.

Then please use the comment area below to reach out to us and we will do all we can to assist you. Your comments and ideas will help us refine this article and make it easier to understand.

File Details:

Name:        UFSX Support setup
File size:     7.18 MBs
File type:    In RAR format
Status:       Active and working
Current Version: v02.03.00.07
Download Setup
Download UFSX Driver

Android Multi Tools ( V1.02b) Latest Version Free Download

September 01, 2023 0
Android Multi Tools is a free programme that enables Android users to unlock patterns, pins, passwords, face, gesture, and Gmail IDs on their Android smartphones using facial recognition and other biometric information such as fingerprints. It is also recognised as an all-in-one solution for unlocking Android devices. The Android operating system powers more than 1.3 billion active smartphones worldwide. Most of them include a pin or pattern lock for added security. Occasionally, people must reset their phones because they have forgotten their pattern or pin lock. If you count yourself among those, you have found the appropriate destination. It is one possibility for resolving this issue. You may unlock and service your Android devices by downloading Android Multi Tools version 1.02b, available here.

What are Android Multi Tools?

Android Multi Tools is a software package that has been intended to offer a full range of features for the management of Android-based devices. It provides customers various tools and capabilities to unlock, reset, and successfully manage their Android devices. Android Multi Tools may help you in various situations, including when you're locked out of your smartphone and need to complete complex tasks.

Android Multi Tools

Features of Android Multi Tools:

  • To see how the gadget is doing, select the "Check Device" option. Use this feature to see if your gadget is properly linked to your computer.

  • If you have locked your smartphone with a password or a pin code, you may reset the lock by pressing the "Face/Pin Lock" button. Then, select this menu item to clear the lock's PIN or password.

  • If you've forgotten the pattern lock on your Android handset, you may reset the face/gesture lock.

  • If you have forgotten the credentials for your Gmail account and are using an Android smartphone, you may reset them here.

  • Select the wipe data option to erase all information from your device permanently.

  • With a single click, your smartphone will be rebooted. With one simple click, you may restart your smartphone.

  • Select this option to ensure your Android smartphone is working properly in rapid boot mode. Your gadget will be put through a fast boot mode check.

  • Fastboot Mode Data/Cache Wipe: In Fastboot mode, selecting this option deletes all data and cache.

  • Pick this option if you're ready to get out of Fastboot mode. It will take your device out of fast boot mode.

  • You may access the command prompt with one click of the "Go To Command Prompt" button.

  • Software details: If you're curious about the specifics of your device's software, you may do so by selecting this menu item.

  • Select this option to see your device's hardware details if you're curious about its inner workings.

Technological Prerequisites:

  1. Computing Device Running Windows.
  2. A computer's USB port.
  3. Android Multi-Tool USB Driver.

How To USE Android Multi Tools?

The Android Multi Tools app isn't too difficult to figure out how to use. The following is a step-by-step instruction that will assist you in getting started:

Step 1: The first step is downloading and installing the software.

To get started, visit a reliable website and look for the most recent version of Android Multi Tools to download. Be certain that the website you are downloading from can be relied upon to keep you safe from potential threats or viruses.

After the download, you must run the installation file on your computer and follow the instructions on the screen to install the programme successfully.

Step 2: Connecting the Device to the Computer is the Second Step.

Following the installation of Android Multi Tools, a USB cable should be used to link your Android device to the computer. Make sure that USB debugging is turned on for your device by entering the settings and selecting the Developer Options menu option.

Step 3: Using the Tool to Complete several Different Tasks

Launch Android Multi Tools on your computer after successfully connecting your device and enabling USB debugging. The programme will determine the device you are using and then give you various choices and features.

Choose the action you want to take, such as resetting the device, eliminating a pattern lock, or managing the device's firmware. If you want to do the activity successfully, the tool will supply instructions and prompts on the screen.


Android Multi Tools is a complete collection of tools and features that allows Android devices to be unlocked, reset and managed more effectively. These tools allow customers to take control of their Android smartphones and tablets by providing a simple interface, a comprehensive set of functions, and compatibility with devices. It can help you overcome various difficulties associated with your smartphone and improve the quality of your overall Android experience, regardless of how experienced a user you are.

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Oppo USB Driver Latest Version (Offlicial) Free Download

June 07, 2023 3
The USB driver is a file that bridges the gap between a piece of hardware and Microsoft's Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Users can connect their phones to other gadgets using the Oppo USB Driver for Windows. Various electronic gadgets, such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, external hard drives, and more, may be connected to a computer through a USB port. The Oppo USB Driver for Windows is the most important hardware required to connect a mobile device to a computer when we link our mobile devices to our computers.

The computer displays availability warnings on the screen. Because your phone isn't compatible with Windows, you'll need to install USB driver software on your computer. You have arrived at a respectable repository of digital content. The Oppo USB Driver for Windows, compatible with all versions of Windows, is available for download below. The Oppo USB driver downloads link and related download connect URL space are below. Previously to the download. You need to read the settings down below.

What is Oppo USB Driver?

The USB drivers are the most crucial and helpful drivers for communicating with a mobile phone. If you connect your phone to your computer, you will be able to exchange the data on both devices. Manages all of the info that is accessible on the phone and has the ability to reorganize anything that is there and available.

Even while you may connect the PC to mobile phones by using software developed by a third party, you will find that utilizing the official tools provides far more utility and advantages.

In this instance, if you want to talk with your Oppo through PC by means of a straightforward connection. If you are having an issue, then installing this Oppo USB driver is going to be the most effective option for you.

Support on Oppo Devices:

The Qualcomm-based chipset boards are used in most of Oppo's handsets, which use Android as their primary operating system. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned; just update to the most recent version, and you should be able to maintain a stable connection.

Now, we depend on using YouTube, and we use it on a wide scale, download many videos, preserve films, and organize all of the material according to the subject. You can use your computer, make an appropriate folder, place the associated videos in that folder, and much more if possible.

Oppo USB Driver

Features of Oppo USB Driver:

  • Link up your Oppo gear with your computer.
  • There is no need for any extra software to be installed.
  • The Oppo Tablets provide compatibility.
  • Drivers are never charged and are constantly at your disposal.
  • Provides the ability to update the firmware for Oppo mobile devices.
  • All versions of Windows are supported.

You may even share the same internet connection on both ends of the data line. You may also send messages from the machine you have stored there. To download the program, click the link below to get the most recent setup.

How To Install Oppo USB Drivers for Windows?

The following steps need to be taken to properly set up the Oppo USB Driver for Windows for the very first time:

  1. To begin, go to the download button section on this page to get the USB driver for the Oppo, and then store the file where it can be easily located.
  2. Find the file, then choose it directly in your driver file.
  3. To extract the contents of the file you downloaded, follow the instructions.
  4. Hold your breath until the extraction procedure is finished.
  5. To open the.exe file, use the double-click button.
  6. Put the driver into the installation.
  7. If a warning about your computer's security displays on your laptop or desktop computer's screen, choose Run, then click Yes.
  8. After that, you will be prompted to choose the language. Choose English from the drop-down menu, and press the Next button.
  9. Attend until the installation is finished in its entirety.
  10. The Oppo USB driver was successfully installed for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

After the appropriate USB driver for Oppo has been correctly installed on your personal computer or laptop, you will be able to use any Android tools and utilities, including the Oppo PC Manager (link found at the beginning of the second paragraph), the Moborobo Android PC Suite, or any other third-party PC Suite, all of which allow you to manage various Android devices on your system.

Download Driver

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Nokia USB Driver (Official) Free Download For Windows

June 06, 2023 3
You likely already know that Nokia is universally regarded as a top mobile phone company. You've landed at the correct place if you own a Nokia phone regardless of model and need an All-in-One Nokia USB Driver.

The Nokia brand's All-in-One USB Driver for Windows is what brought you here today, and it's completely free. The most up-to-date Nokia all-in-one USB Driver can be downloaded below.

To transmit data to and from your computer or laptop, among other uses, you'll need a USB data connection for connecting your Nokia device. Have you heard of them before? If not, we'll tell you everything you need to use a USB data connection to link your Nokia to a Windows computer. Please review the link provided below.

Let All Models Run:

A Nokia USB driver is only a small set of programs that work together. Particularly useful for bridging the gap between your phone and your PC. This lightweight software installed on your computer will allow you to receive phone calls directly on your computer and comply with any requests made of you.

A separate USB driver file must not be downloaded and installed on PCs. However, there are situations when we must install that file on our computer since the machine does not recognize a certain brand.

A USB driver serves as a connector, transferring data without interruption from one end to the other.

Nokia USB Driver

Features of Nokia USB Driver:

The Nokia USB driver is necessary for those who own a Nokia phone.

  • If users don't install this program, they may be unable to use the computer's phone.

  • The computer phone may be used for more than one purpose.

  • You want your phone to be recognized by your computer so you may exchange bigger files.

  • The mobile phone must be connected to a computer if the custom recovery is to be flashed into it.

  • The firmware files for Nokia mobile phones are available for download and installation.

  • Bricked phones are what we term them when our devices refuse to power on or remain frozen at the manufacturer's logo.

  • We cannot fix the problem without connecting the phone to a computer. The Nokia USB driver is required for this.

How To Install Nokia USB Driver?

  • Get the latest Nokia driver for your PC here.

  • The computer's driver must then be extracted. Unzipping software like WinRAR or 7zip is suggested.

  • When the archive is decompressed, the driver installation file may be accessed.

  • To install the driver, select it with a right-click and then click the Install button.

  • Select "Next" to proceed.

  • Now, choose I agree and proceed by clicking Next.

  • After you've clicked Next, choose Finish.
Download Driver

Monday, 5 June 2023

Tecno Spark USB Driver Official Free Download

June 05, 2023 0
If you own an Android phone, tablet, or other device, you need the Tecno USB Driver to connect it to a computer. In other terms, it's a collection of files or programmes that facilitates data transfer and communication between Android smartphones and conventional computers. Connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer use the appropriate USB cable. You'll be able to do far more crucial tasks.

You can easily transfer your photos, audio, video, messages, mp3, and contacts, download, install, and update the stock ROM of any Android device, update all drivers of your Android devices, update your Android device, take backup of your entire android device, and restore your data if you lose it with the help of PC Suit or another software and installing the ROM.

Tecno ADB Driver What is It?

Android Debug Bridge abbreviates to "ADB." To facilitate the process of creating Android applications, a client-server programme called Tecno ADB driver establishes a connection between a developer's PC and an Android device. If you have the Tecno ADB driver installed on your computer, you may use the command line on your PC to make changes and updates to your Android device or its software. It's essential to keep your Android smartphone in tip-top shape.

Tecno USB Driver

The Tecno USB and ADB Driver Installation Process?

Tecno USB Driver is readily available for download in two different locations. One uses an executable file (Exe), and the other uses a driver file (Manually).

First, download the Tecno USB and ADB driver setup file (.exe).
After downloading the zip file, you must connect your phone to your computer. Next, click the Next > Next > Finish button and double-click this file to launch the executable. The procedure is straightforward, so you need not exert any more work.

Installing the Tecno USB Driver by Hand (Method 2):
No executables are included with these driver files. Thus, manual installation of the Tecno USB Driver is required. The files you need to install the Tecno USB Driver are provided below. Therefore, be sure to adhere to all instructions:

First, get the compressed file onto your computer and open it. The next step is to link your Tecno Android smartphone to your PC.

Step 2: Open the start menu by click the Start button (or using the WIN key), then either right-click the "Computer" option or press the Shift+F10 keys together to access the drop-down menu and select the "Manage" option. In the Computer Management window, select the "Device Manager" tab. You should see your mobile name or number next to a yellow triangle in the right-hand pane. That's because you shouldn't have an Android app on your computer.

Third, select Update Driver Software from the context menu that appears when you click the yellow triangle in the right-hand corner of the mouse. Select "Browse my computer" > "Browse for driver software" Now that you have the entire path of the USB driver software file, choose the folder by selecting the Browse... button, and then click the Next button >. The procedure to update your USB drivers will now commence. When you're done upgrading the USB driver, click the "Close" button.