Hello, friends today I am here to represent a great android app, its name is the Ab Liker app. AB Liker Apk app is the latest version of V1.0 available for free, AB Liker app is a social liker application it helps you to get more likes on your social Facebook, Instagram, etc, its free solution to get real likes, follower, comments, shares in your status post. AB Liker Apk app is the best and most popular liker in the world.

If you are looking for an amazing website which contains tons of cool applications, then look no further because AB Liker has it all. If you have never heard of AB Liker before then you should know that it is an amazing application which allows you to surf the internet in style. One of the most unique features of AB Liker is that it can be used for free on any of the 500+ websites which are part of the program. This means that anyone with an internet connection can be a member. Just click the link below and go ahead and download this amazing program for yourself.

The website AB Liker APK free download allows you to use this amazing free application from the convenience of your home. The application does not require any kind of extra downloads or installations and is extremely easy to use. The main screen that comes up when you first launch AB Liker APK is an almost identical design to that of Google Chrome. However the background of this interface has been changed to make it a little more unique. Some of the cool features include the option of either auto comments or auto fb.

You may like to use AB Liker to keep up with your friends, family and other such people who share the same interests as you. The great thing about this particular application is that you get to choose from a variety of profiles. The cool feature which is given to you at the start of the app is the AB Liker "My KPI" page which contains a number of graphs and stats which can give you a good idea as to how people are liking your Facebook likes, Twitter follows and so on. The profile that you would like to keep open when someone takes the link to your link will also be displayed here. This is where you can keep track of the Facebook and Twitter networks as well as any other network that your followers on those two social networking sites might be following.

The process of getting likes, follows, tweets and shares for whatever reason can be very confusing and time consuming. This is where AB Liker APK helps you a lot. Just like the name suggests, the app makes it very easy to manage all these aspects using one single tool. The login process is quite simple and straight forward. Once logged in, you just have to select which category you want to post your profile under and that too selecting the level that you wish to do the logging. From there, you need not log in again.

The settings that you initially set will remain even when you uninstall AB Liker APK. These settings are used by the application to store all the data which has been shared with the various social networking sites. There is no need to log in to each and every site separately. All this work can be done from the app itself, which ensures that you never miss a post or an update from Facebook, Twitter etc. on your mobile as everything happens within the confines of the application.

However, you do need to know that it does share your likes and dislikes with its users and at the same time not everyone who likes your post or tweet will automatically like the link that you share. The system works on the principle of "like" and "dislikes". If you like the content or the website that has been linked to, you will show up as an icon on the AB Liker APK interface. Similarly, if you dislike the same then you will be shown as a red dotted icon. The system uses the auto liker feature to suggest a similar content or a different website to those you like and dislike. So if you do like the particular YouTube video that has just been shared on your friend's Facebook page, the application will suggest that as an icon.

The system also takes into account the screen size of the gadget that is in use. For instance, if you use a large touch screen tablet such as Android tablets, it would be hard for the application to load properly on such devices. The AB Liker APK does not use such large-sized touch-screen tablets and therefore, is perfectly compatible with most android devices. It can also be used seamlessly on Windows Mobile devices since it runs on WMM. This means that the application will run seamlessly on these two different platforms.

To get access to all the latest free features of AB Liker, you need to subscribe to their website. You will get a free download link which will allow you to get started straight away. Once you have downloaded the app, you can install it onto your android phone and see how easy it is to use. It is a perfect example of what an android app should be like and how an easy to use app should be.

Now you can use AB Liker App 1000+ likes on every submit your account, This AB liker Apk app provides a minimum of 11000+ followers on every submit. AB Liker Apk is simple to use and install on your android, phones, and tablets. There are many liker apps like FB Auto Liker, DJ Liker, AB Liker, Rock Liker, MG Liker, 4 Liker, Perfect Liker, Apental Calc Liker, Leet Liker, 1K Liker, 7 Liker, Magic Liker, Social Liker, Tiktok Auto Liker, US Liker, KD Liker, Machine Liker, Instro Liker, Cyber Liker, G Liker, 999 Liker, Insta Auto Liker, Real Auto Liker, 8000 Liker and Auto Liker, etc.

Features :

* Updated Version V2.2. * Best and perfect Liker app. * Increase Likes. * Increase comments. * Increase followers, Shares. 

* Provide page likes for FB users. * Easy to simple use. * More. App Details : Name: Ab Liker Version: V1.0

Category:  Social 

File Type:  APK

Language:   English

File Size: 2.5 MB Requirements: All Android OS Price: Free

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