Hello everyone, I am here to share an amazing TV APK for Android phones and tablets. AOS TV APK is the latest version available here, so you can download this APK just to follow the given download link at the end of this article. 

What is AOS TV APK?

AOS TV APK is the application created by AOS TV itself. The company offers free downloadable software on the internet that allows users to convert their regular PC into a TV-ready Android device. The software AOS TV APK Free downloads for Android offers the user the basic functionalities of Android, such as Google Now, live wallpapers, themed widgets, and so on. However, if you want to enjoy all the features offered by your TV, then you need to purchase a license for it. To gain licenses, you need to follow the instructions given by the company.

Download AOS TV APK For Android

How to Install AOS TV APK For Mobile TV? First, download AOS TV APK Free download for mobile TV from the company's official website. After getting the latest version of the android application from the website, transfer the downloaded file to your mobile device. Next, install the application on your mobile TV. Follow the installation instructions properly to successfully install the application on your device. Once you have successfully installed the application on your mobile TV, you can also enjoy the benefits offered by the program.

Step 2: Before downloading AOS TV APK Free, ensure your computer has enough memory. Besides, your PC should also have enough space to accommodate the downloaded files. After completing the previous step, you can transfer the downloaded file to your mobile TV. Just click on the " Install AOS TV" option to unlock the app on your mobile TV.

Step 3: Unlocking your AOS TV APK Free, insert the card into the back of your television's USB port. This device reads the data from the USB. It is highly recommended to turn off the power to prevent overheating of your mobile TV. Once the installation process completes, you should now connect the two devices using a Firewire or Bluetooth cable. The Firewire or Bluetooth port will allow the connected Fire television box to communicate with your mobile TV.

Step 4: You have successfully installed AOS TV on your Android. Now, you should also connect your laptop or desktop computer to your mobile TV. It is highly recommended to turn off the system to not burn the data on your laptop. Now, turn on the television and set it up. Since your TV needs an external source to communicate with the software on your laptop, you should also ensure that the source is turned on. After that, follow the on-screen instructions provided on the screen for successfully installing AOS TV on your television.

Finally, all that is left for you to do is to connect your Firewire or wireless modem to your laptop or computer to upload the AOS TV APK for Android to your TV. Then, connect your Firewire or wireless modem to the USB port on your Android TV. Just follow the on-screen instructions provided on your television. Like your laptop or computer, downloading AOS TV APK for your mobile TV is also quite easy.

Features of AOS TV APK

AOS TV for all Android users is a brand-new software that allows you to stream and watch live TV on your android mobile phone. This is a perfect choice for those who dislike missing their favorite program and are very much keen to watch it again. It also helps you watch various channels in different languages of your choice. AOS TV for Android is a program that uses the power of your Android device through an internet connection and can deliver world-class quality pictures and sound while providing you the latest news.

AOS TV for Android is an exceptional device that gives you a wonderful experience of watching world-class channels with no hassle. It has been designed by experts who have taken great care of all the technical aspects to make your life all the easier. You just need to install the application on your Android mobile phone and let it work independently. The best part of AOS TV is that it works on almost all Android devices, including HTC Evo and Motorola Defy, and it can be used with the live television converter box.

AOS TV for Android users enjoys several benefits which include full-channel access in high-definition format, hundreds of digital channels including international channels, full-screen support, live radio, music player, and a lot more. It also gives you a real-time news feed on the internet and through your mobile app. If you are looking for a very good viewing experience, then AOS TV will surely be a perfect choice. Apart from this, AOS TV also provides you a chance to watch your favorite channels on your PC with an internet connection and you can even watch the channel on your television set using an AOS television tuner. These programs are all in high-definition format and so if you are looking for an excellent viewing experience, then you should definitely go for AOS TV.

App Info


New Version: 20.0.0

Old Version: 19.0.0

App Size: 30 MB

Category: Entertainment

App Developer: AOS TV Team

Android Version Requires: 4.2 and Up

Website: AOSTV APK

Downloads: 10,000,000+

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